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Street (2016)

Keshaudas Spence fell in love with football at a young age, thanks to his mother Kimberlin. He took the field like a duck to water, his future looked bright until the environment of street gangs and crime where he lived in Roxbury Massachusetts too control of his life. He joined a gang and got mixed up with the wrong people. Keshaudas had received a scholarship to attend an elite prep school in Watertown Connecticut, Taft Preparatory Academy. Two weeks before leaving Roxbury behind Keshaudas attened a party with some of his friends from his High School, Catholic Memorial. At this party things got crazy, Keshaudas became apart of an altercation with some other party goers. He felt an odd sensation on his side. He ran his hand to the location and felt something wet,when he looked at his hand is what covered in blood, Keshaudas had been stabbed during the altercation. He was rushed to a nearby hospital. The doctors let him know that the blade was millimeters away from puncturing his Pancreas, an injury that could have proven fatal.  Street tells the story of how Keshaudas overcame the adversity that he became involved with on the Streets of Roxbury en route to achieving his dream of becoming a professional football player by way of the indoor football league where he currently plays as a Running Back for the Green Bay Blizzard.

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The Rise of Johnny Hockey (2015)

The Rise of Johnny Hockey tells the story of perennial NHL All Star Johnny Gaudreau "Johnny Hockey" The undersized Forward was told his entire life that he was too small to achieve his dreams of playing in the National Hockey League let alone become an All Star in the world's most competitive hockey league. Johnny's father, Guy, was a local hockey coach and knew the odds of his sons becoming stars was slim but it did not deter him from teaching the game he loves with his children. He had Johnny on the ice from the time he was two years old and used Skittles as a motivational tool for Johnny to teach himself how to move on the ice and eventually skate. Johnny continued to progress on the ice and he eventually became regarded as one of the top young players in the country. Johnny attended Boston College and was later drafted by the Calgary Flames in the NHL draft. Johnny continued to play at Boston College and his Junior season was one of the most dominant in NCAA history. He was awarded with the Hobey Baker award, given every year to the Nation's most dominant collegiate Hockey star. After the award was given Johny was faced with a decision of whether or not to return to Boston College for his senior season. He decided to forego his Senior season for the NHL. Johnny scored a goal for the Flames in his first game during his first shift and has established himself as an elite player in the National Hockey League. The film was the Senior Thesis for Kieran McGirl and was featured in Sacred Heart University's Senior Film Festival. The film was also entered and later declared winner of Season 1 of the New England Sports Network's (NESN) Original Reality TV Show NESN Next Producer.

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